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From Heimtextl: Indulging the Senses

As we become even more hyper connected in our daily lives, a major trend focusing on going off the grid for a refreshing escape.


1. Off the Grid

Consumers are aiming to go offline and re-establish a connection to nature. Being mindful and spending money on experiences rather than material items is key. In products, we see an emphasis on quality and longevity

2.Seek Sanctuary

Disconnecting from the chaos means an environment of calming neutrals. The goal is to create a clean refreshing space that’s monotone and minimal.

3.Escape Reality

A colorful dream of pastels with iridescent finishes lightens the mood and feels optimistic. Patterns are delicate yet graphic and make us want to drift away.

4.Embrace Indulgence

The future of luxury cannot be forgotten. Rich materials with dimension and over the top embellishments still plays a big role. Colors are deep and fabrics are plush. There’s a strong sense of warmth and security.

5.Pursue Play

It’s not all serious. While the world may feel uncertain at times, we look for escape and play. Tactile experiences are key. Not being afraid of bold patterns and loud spaces. Sometimes just a hint of humor is all we need.

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